Roop Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 5th October 2018 Written Update

Roop Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 5th October 2018 Written Update by H Hasan

Roop Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 5th October 2018 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ishika telling Roop that he will never get her and says she thought him right, but his thinking, approach, way is all wrong. She tears the letter and gives in his hand. She says I can’t love you, never. I hate you. Palak says stop it Ishika and says you are doing a big mistake and asks her to change her judgemental nature. Ishika says I am wrong and he is right and asks then why you are not his girl friend. She says a girl can’t love a characterless guy. Hardik asks Ishika not to cross limit. Palak goes from there. Hardik asks Roop to come and says she has done enough insult. Hardik takes Roop from there. Roop cries while going. He asks him to listen, but Roop doesn’t listen to him. Kinjal calls himani and says we couldn’t know Ishika’s answer. Himani

says Ishika don’t have the reason to refuse him. Kinjal says yes.
Roop washes his face and thinks if Ishika hates me so much. Ranvir comes and says immense hatred. He says you love her so much and she hates you so much. He asks him to think what he did and says you have hurt mota kaka and ruined our reputation. He says now this news will be splashed in the city. Roop says I know this thing will happen. Ranvir acts and says I feel bad seeing you like this. He asks him to wipe his tears and gives tissues. Roop throws it. Vandana tells Ishika that Roop doesn’t deserve much humiliation. Ranvir comes and says she did right and says if she had not done this, then Roop would have misbehaved and played with many girls. He says I salute your courage and says can I take you somewhere. Ishika nods her head. Ranvir takes her out and asks her to sit, says he will bring tea. He then goes to get tea. Ishika thinks why she is feeling strange pain, she shall be feeling happiness. Roop imagines Ishika…main phir bhi tumko chahunga plays……….

Roop repairs the cars till late at night. Hardik says it is enough of torture, leave it. Hasmukh kaka asks him to stop working. Hardik gets teary eyes and gives their friendship promise. He serves wine. Roop says I never drink. Hardik asks him to drink today. Roop looks on. Shamsher tells that Patel’s daughter is behind Roop, first she didn’t let him become Inspector and now this insult. Ranvir says it was Roop’s one sided love and Ishika has nothing to do with him. Bua taunts Kamla. Ranvir tells Shamsher that Roop has ruined your name and says don’t know until when he will hurt us. He says he feels bad for him (Shamsher). Kamla asks where is Roop? Ranvir says don’t know. Roop tells Hardik that he loves his mum and sister and loves Ishika so much. He asks what wrong did I do? He gets Kamla’s call. She asks him to come home. Roop says I will get late in garage. Kamla says you are lying and asks him to come home.

Roop tells Hardik that he has to go home. Hardik says I will drop you, but he himself is drunk. Roop says I will drop you. He then asks him to sleep in the garage. Hardik asks him to become like before and says I can’t see your condition. Roop thinks how to lower my heart to become like before. Ishika hears some sound and wakes up to check. Just then Roop holds her mouth. He asks her not to shout and says he came to talk to her. He asks her to listen and says I have understood that you don’t love and even don’t care me. He says why did you announce infront of all and hurt my feelings. He says now I will remember all life, that you can love anybody, but not me. Ishika looks at him.

Roop comes to the temple and asks why did she write his life in such a way. First he lost Papa’s love and then Ishika’s love. He asks God to show the way. He comes infront of the truck and shouts.

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